Ritiro Yoga  Luglio 2019


1.6 Luglio 2019 proponiamo una full immersion di 5 giorni con due pratiche di yoga al giorno

e tempo libero da dedicare a dolci camminate, gite i barca e assaggi dei cibi locali.

Prezzo camera singola in appartamento condiviso 500 euro

i prezzi comprendono alloggio e 2 pratiche giornaliere.

I pasti sono esclusi ma si cucina spesso insieme nello spazio comune con prodotti freschi o si esce a cena a seconda delle necessità di ogni partecipante.

per info scrivere a itsyogaegadi@gmail.com

Rocket Full immersion 5 th-8th june 2019

This is a very intense and inspiring retreat, there will be more hours dedicated to the practice, including two rocket practices per day, two additional hours per day of Asana Clinic, Arm Balancing, Backbends, Pranayama. Is a great opportunity for deepening your practice

The retreat is so structured:

In the morning we will start with a breath of fresh air

9:30 am Morning Rocket Practice

5.00-7.00 pm workshops tuesday pranayama-wednesday bandhas- friday despacio reconnection with Mother Earth

7.00 pm Rocket 1-2-3

9.00 pm dinner together

During free time

You can easily reach the nearby beaches by bicycle, or you can stay in and relax taking advantage of the Residence's private beach, facing the Marine Protected areas of the Mediterranean. You can also go for some scuba diving with the nearby Diving School or go visit the gorgeous island of Marettimo. We have a beautiful boat trip planned!

We normally like to cook together for dinner, all the apartments have a kitchen and you can stay with us or

enjoy dinner out at the little gorgeous town. Please note that you will be sharing the bathroom, unless you opt for the single occupancy apartment.

As for the other meals, there will be a kitchen in the apartments, and we love to cook together,

or, if you want to eat out, the village is not too far.